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Why Vitalis?
What’s in our fish food? We just use high quality raw materials. They are also obtained from SUSTAINABLE sources. Our COMPLETE fish foods are lovingly manufactured from a variety of dietary components. These include: whole fish meal, seaweeds, spirulina, squid, shrimp and mussel. We know It’s what’s inside that counts. Don’t be tempted by bargain fish food. When you open the lid you know you have a premium product. Your fish will instinctively know too.

How are the Vitalis diets made?
‘We manufacture every single one of our products in-house. Even the machinery is designed by our own engineers, at our South Yorkshire factory. Every step of this process is managed by passionate people who want the very best for your fish, wherever they are. Our cold extrusion techniques preserve the nutrients in the ingredients to produce a pellet that is attractive to, and easily digested by fish.’

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