About Us


At IndieFur, we always strive for the best brands and products for all. We choose each brand with great details and care to provide products which are the best. 

Our Flagship

IndieFur Brands Flagship Program

In this program we offer products to Businesses across the globe. Offering them the complete range in Home & Pet Care Products to ensure they run their business smoothly without the worry of product sourcing and purchase. Our focus includes products under Make In India initiative as well. 

As a change to enable more businesses to run smoothly, we do the following:

  1. We are a global store and we ship products globally. 
  2. No minimum or maximum order limit for Business owners.
  3. Browse through the complete store and select product with size and quantity of your choice.
  4. Email us or Whats app us your order details for quote. Along please share your business name, address,contact details and Tax information.


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