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Easy Life Aqua Maker 250 ml

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Easy Life Aqua Maker 250 ml


It makes aggressive tap water immediately suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums. AquaMaker can also be used in reef aquariums and garden ponds. It is absolutely safe for all fish, plants, corals, shrimps, snails and the biological filter.

Aqua Maker is very versatile:

  • Removes chlorine.
  • Removes chloramine.
  • Removes heavy metals like copper, zinc and lead.
  • Binds and detoxifies poisonous ammonia.
  • Binds and neutralizes toxic nitrite.
  • Binds and neutralizes nitrate.
  • Destresses fish.
  • Protects the mucous membrane and gills of fish.

Aqua Maker has no impact on the pH, KH or GH. Furthermore, Aqua Maker will not overactivated skimmers. Use Aqua Maker is best added to the tap water used for the water change. Only use the dose for the volume of this new tap water. Thus, aggressive substances are immediately neutralized. Aqua Maker can of course also be added directly to the aquarium. In this case, base the dosage on the total volume of the aquarium water.

Dosage The standard dosage is 10 ml Aqua Maker per 50 liters of aquarium water. Or: The standard dosage is 1 US fl oz Aqua Maker per 40 US Gallons of aquarium water. Shake before use. The product may release a sulfur odor.

Example: dosing to tap water for water change Five buckets of each 10 liters are filled to change water. Dose 2 ml of Aqua Maker in each bucket and mix it. The mixture can be added to the aquarium right away, because Aqua Maker works instantly.

Example: dosing to an aquarium An aquarium has a water volume of 100 liters and 20 liters of water is changed. The dosage of Aqua Maker is for the full water content, in this case 100 liters. The addition to the aquarium water should be 20 ml of Aqua Maker.

Deviating dosages concentrations of chloramine, chlorine and nitrite & water temperature * use a half dose of Aqua Maker (5 ml per 50 liters; 1 US fl oz per 80 US Gallons) at low concentrations of chlorine, chloramine or ammonia * use a double dose of Aqua Maker (20 ml per 50 liters; 2 US fl oz per 40 US Gallons) at higher concentrations of chlorine, chloramine of ammonia * emergency: use a triple dose of Aqua Maker (30 ml per 50 liter; 3 US fl oz per 40 US Gallons) at very high nitrite concentrations (3 mg/L or higher) or at very high ammonia concentrations (1 mg/L or higher) * use up to half a dose of Aqua Maker (maximum) as soon as the water temperature reaches 30 C (= 86 F)


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