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EHEIM Ecco Pro 200 Litre

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EHEIM Ecco Pro 200 Litre

Offers you an extraordinary combination of energy economy, performance and convenience.

Only 5 Watt power consumption at a pump output of 600 l. per hour and 8 Watt at 750 l. That is simply extraordinary. And also extraordinary is its characteristic multi-function handle it combines three functions: carrying opening/closing priming.

Added to this are rotatable shut-off taps, large volume self-priming, practical filter baskets and extremely quiet running due to ceramic components.

Ecco pro comes fully equipped  including accessories and filter media. You are ready to go.

There are 3 models for aquariums from 60 up to 300 litres.

Benefits of EHEIM Ecco pro

  • Low energy consumption with high performance.
  • Excellent biological and mechanical filtration due to optimum water throughflow.
  • Multi-function handle (for carrying opening/closing priming).
  • large volume self-priming.
  • rotatable shut-off taps (more convenient handling).
  • extremely quiet running due ceramic axles and sleeves.
  • practical filter baskets, can be filled according to individual requirements.
  • additional prefilter (giving longer cleaning intervals of the other filter media).
  • long-life elastic silicon sealing ring in pump head.
  • Comes with accessories: 2 shut-off taps, outlet elbow, inlet pipe, EHEIM quality hose, installation accessories.
  • Completely equipped with original EHEIM filter media (pre-filled baskets).


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