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Fluval M Heater 100 Watt

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Fluval M Heater 100 Watt

  • European-made aquarium heater boasts quality performance.
  • Shock-resistant glass heater mirrors aquarium surroundings.
  • Maintain proper water temperature AND aquarium aesthetics.


Fluval  M series premium submersible aquarium heaters are quality manufactured in Europe using superior components and construction.

These include the heat and shock resistant boro-silicate reflective glass tube, heat resistant techno-polymer conductor harness, high temperature resistant heating element, silver nickel contact points, machine assembled thermostatic blade, computer calibrated thermostat and 16 point quality assurance program. Fluval heaters can be trusted for exceptional performance and unsurpassed reliability.


1.Easy to adjust Temperature Dial.
2.Exclusive slim profile tube.
3.Reflective technology.
4.Shock resistant boro-silicate glass.
5.Cool blue On/Off indicator lamp.
6.High density Ceramic Heat Sink extends heating efficiency.
7.Exclusive sealing system protects against water penetration.
8.High temperature silver-nickel pointed thermostat for extended accuracy and service life.
9.Long life suction cups.
Ultra modern design meets reliable European aquarium heater technology. The Fluval M Series Heater is a welcomed departure from bulky unsightly heaters. This beautifully-designed aquarium heater features a reflective shock-resistant boro-silicate glass tube that houses superior components including a computer calibrated thermostat-all backed by a 16 point quality assurance program. Easy-to-adjust temperature control dial allows temperature settings between 66-86 Fahrenheit. Elegant, slim-profile heater occupies less space and unique mirror-like surface reflects surrounding colors to blend harmoniously into the aquarium environment. The Fluval M Series Heater is safe for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Submersible to water line on heater.


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