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Raifest Micro Pellets 100 gm

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Raifest Micro Pellets 100 gm

A Specially formulated diet for All types of Tropical Fishes ornamental Fishes.

Pellet Size : Medium

Suitable For : Raifest Micro is ideal for mid-water and top-feeding fishes such as Siamese fighting fish ( betta fighter), guppy, Dalmatian, lyretail and black molly varieties, platy, swordtails, black, bleeding heart, neon and zebra tetra varieties, pencil fish.

Rich In Vitamin & Mineral : It contains the optimal blend of minerals and vitamins that help to strengthen the immune system of fish.

Easily Digestible : Raifest Micro is made with natural ingredients that helps in resolving digestion issues and improves metabolism.
Keeps The Colour Intact : Raifest Micro maintains the natural color and shape of ornamental fishes.
No Cloudy Water : Raifest Micro contains clean water formula which prevents your fish tank from getting cloudy.


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