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Salifert Flatworm Exit

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Salifert Flatworm Exit

Expiry: 01-2026

  • The flatworm exit is effective in removing flatworms.
  • The flatworm exit will start to work in thirty minutes.
  • Add the flatworm exit to the high flow area of the tank for maximum results.
  • Salifert Flatworm Exit works on reef aquariums that have flatworm issues.  Flatworms can consume corals and are usually found when new corals are introduced to the tank.
  • When using Flatworm Exit it is necessary to follow the directions, as flatworms can produce a toxin in your aquarium after the treatment.  Multiple treatments may be necessary as well.
  • Salifert Flatworm Exit is completely Reef Safe.
  • Salifert Flatworm Exit treats up to 300 gallons (1200 L) of water.



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