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Since its establishment in 1960, TUNZE® has been focussing on providing its customers with high-quality products and thus a unique aquarium experience. We will continue to do everything we can to surprise you and improve water quality in the closed circulation system of an aquarium.

Our vision
A vision statement is an expression of the corporate philosophy and goals of a company. Based on such a vision, state-of-the-art, excellent quality and design pumps were developed from the existing Turbelle® pumps.
Today, quality and environmental compatibility are our major challenges, as a high energy consumption is expensive and harms the environment. Our pumps are developed further continuously in order to keep setting new performance/power consumption standards, i.e. minimum heat transfer to the water and reliability. Internal production processes are also adjusted even more consistently to environmental criteria. Our priorities include reduction of CO2 emissions and optimization of energy efficiency to achieve minimum power consumption.

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