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ISTA Multi-Scraper

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ISTA Multi-Scraper


  • Combination of stainless steel scraper and rubber scraper. Design in dual-function. Not only scrape the large area of algae inside the tank but also clean the dirt outside the tank. Collocate with ISTA water vacuum cleaner can easily remove out the dirt and algae from the tank.
  • Stainless blade treated with hardening procedure and won’t get damage easliy. The blade can extend and retract easily. More efficient and safe.
  • Replaceable blade and rubber.
  • Extending Rods: For extending scraper to meet different sizes of tanks.


  • Press the two convex of scraper and extend it forwardly is stainless steel scraper.
  • Press the two convex of scraper and retract it backwardly is rubber scraper.
  • Connect with ISTA water vacuum cleaner can scrap off and move out algae and dirt from the tank bottom.


  • Be aware of sharp blade! Please retract the blade after use.

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