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Lifesonic Nitrate Test Kit

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Lifesonic Nitrate Test Kit

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Tests : 150 Tests Shelf Life: 3 years

Nitrates are the by-product of organic decay. Over feeding or absence of nitrogen cycle may cause the rise in nitrate levels in your tank/pond. These nitrates in higher concentrations are harmful for aquatic life and also promotes growth of algae and other planktons, which results in odorous and unaesthetic look of your aquarium / pond. The Lifesonic Nitrate test kit may detect the small amount of nitrates within 5 minutes. The kit comes with three chemicals which upon mixing in recommended quantity produces varying intensity of magenta/red color. Higher the intensity of color, means higher the concentration of nitrate in your sample. Lifesonic Nitrite test kit can provide reading from 0 PPM to 160 PPM and over 150 tests can be performed from each kit.


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