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Quantum Bio-Gen

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 975 6,255

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Quantum Bio-Gen

Intensify White, Blue & Violet Coral Colour

Reef Essential® Bio-Gen™ is designed to provide bio-active halogens such as iodide, fluoride & bromide to help intensify white, blue & violet coral colour. Reef Essential® Bio-Gen ™ also helps to reduce coral bleaching, improve calcification and acts as a natural resistance improver.

This product must be used alongside our Reef Essential® Bio-Enhance™, Reef Essential® Bio-Metals™ & Reef Essential® Bio-Kalium™ supplements as together they will provide the required bio-molecules, major, minor and trace coloring elements. If wanting to enhance coral bone growth & density we recommend our Aragonite Enhancers™.

Recommended total iodine concentration = 0.06-0.09 ppm.


– De-ionised water
– Iodide, Fluoride & Bromide


Shaking is not required, however, if product has been left standing for a length of time invert bottle 3-4 times before using.


Add product to high water flow. This product must be used in reef aquariums and can be used on a dosing pump.


Lightly stocked = 0.50 mL/100 L per day
Moderately stocked = 0.75 mL/100 L per day
Heavily stocked = 1.00 mL/100 L per day

Or as required to maintain total iodine between 0.06-0.09 ppm
Note: 1 mL/100 L will raise total iodine by 0.02 ppm, other halogens will increase relatively or download our FREE “Q dosing” app!



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