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MicMol founded in 2012, we are professional LED lighting system company. Our businesses create value with meaningful innovations that improve people’s life. We design the good products and make people enjoy what they love. We believe the creative is help and services for peoples.

MicMol is a fashion and enterprising company, we are young and have innovative, Once we have some idea we will made a sample to test and improve it. We like the beauty thing, all the products is designed according to the concept of simply and easy to use.

Now, we have designed the Aqua mini, Aqua Pro and Aqua Air series which are popular for the reef fans. And we will go to the horticulture to design the lighting for the flowers, vegetables and even the grow room.

MicMol always focuses on creating products, solutions that make lives more simply, enjoyable, productive – in professional as well as personal environments.

We are very thanks for all the people who have give us the good advise and great support. You are our power and make us keep moving, thank you very much.

IndieFur Enterprises is only obligated to warranty claims for purchases made via our authorized website/dealers/distributors. Any other warranty claims would not be entertained.

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