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RP Aquatics

Resin Products Limited is the leading supplier of high-quality ion exchange resins, RO membrane systems and water treatment products. We work with some of the UK and Europe’s largest commercial and OEM accounts.

We are the official UK & Europe’s distributors for RESINTECH INC & ARIES FILTER WORKS. We specialise in recovery, removal, adsorption, de-colourisation, purification, and selective separation. We stock an extensive range of high quality and cost competitive water treatment equipment.

We have developed specialist applications for the AquaticsIndustry, under the brand name of RP AQUATICS.

Offering technical support for a wide range of water treatment solutions, whether it is Nitrate, Arsenic, Ammonia or, Heavy Metal removal – Softener, Ph Neutralisation or High Purity Deionisation, we have the solution for you.

Our knowledge and experience can provide you with bespoke solutions for your water treatment requirements. Producing a vast range of products for the source water & wastewater industry.

We offer a fast and efficient service across Europe for all our customers in many business sectors.

Water Filtration
Industrial & Domestic Water Treatment
Aquatics Industry
Wastewater Treatment
Nuclear Industry
Bio Diesel Manufacturing
Industrial Glass Cleaning
EDM Sector

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