Announcement on Orders & Delivery Impact – COVID19

Indiefur Delivery and Order impact.

First and Foremost Stay Home & Stay Safe.

As per the latest announcement from the government on 21 days of lockdown across the nation, deliveries would not be working for any products.

During this tenure we are accepting orders and would be processing them the day lockdown opens.

Please note that orders would be processed as per FIFO(First In First Out), which means orders recieved first would be shipped first on the date and time they are recieved. We would not be able to prioritize any particular order or accommodate any requests which demands us to not follow FIFO as mentioned above.

Ample stocks of all products is maintained already at our warehouse in Delhi and Pune. Products stock status would be updated during this period as well to ascertain that we do not receive orders for which products would not be available on the day lock-down open for shipping causing inconvenience to our customers. This means all products which go Out of stock would be updated everyday on the website and mobile app as always.

We have also planned to increase our packaging staff to ensure all orders recieved during this tenure are packed and shipped the very next day when lock-down opens.

In case you have any concerns in regards to order already placed or planning to place, our support is available on email via [email protected]. All emails are still been answered within 24 hours from receiving them for convenience. Telephonic/Whats app support is not available at this time.

We have given ample amount of groceries and necessary medical items to our staff to cope up with this time and are in constant touch with them to ensure their families do not suffer. Also we have made sure that they do not have to go anywhere outside from their homes for any basic necessity household items including staple food. We have also arranged for vegetable delivery to their homes on weekly basis ensuring they have vegetables for all 7 days of a week.

We are trying our best to keep everyone safe. Request you to do your part and stay safe at home. Help the helpless and daily wage workers around you.



2 thoughts on “Announcement on Orders & Delivery Impact – COVID19

  1. SAMIR GHOSAL says:

    I am a regular purchaser 300 GM Tetramin Complete. But under the present situation in the country, perhaps I may face shortage of existing fish food by a week. Hence, I require the food badly. Please arrange to supply one pack of at least 300 GM container. Thanks.

  2. Indiefur Support says:

    Hello Samir: Since deliveries are not yet started and are not possible for now hence we are unable to ship at this moment. Although as mentioned above in our post, you can place your order and the day deliveries open the orders already recieved would be processed first. In case you plan to wait for deliveries to open and then place a request to prioritize then we would not be able to do so looking at the customers who have already placed their orders to be fulfilled first. As mentioned above we would be following FIFO for all orders until we cover the backlog once deliveries open.

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