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TRITON continues to lead the aquarium biochemistry industry and knowledge based husbandry using information derived from scientific work and the most modern technology.

TRITON combines this with years of reef keeping expertise to provide aquarists with the easiest and most successful way to maintain a reef aquarium.
Leading the aquarium biochemistry industry
Since 2008 mostly, if not all, critical aquarium water biochemistry development has come from TRITON.

Knowledge based husbandry
Innovations were needed to shine a light into the mostly unknown world of aquarium biochemistry and gather the information needed for understanding the complex nature of closed reef systems.

Information from scientific work
TRITON saw the need for real scientific investigation in the biochemistry sector and created solutions specifically tailored for closed reef systems. This very valuable information is part of TRITON’s intellectual property and the key to the success of our customers.

Most modern technology
Seawater lab testing sounds easier that it is. TRITON’s ICP-OES or N-DOC lab tests cannot be replicated by just buying a machine. A method of testing is needed that allows you to test the required parameters fit for the purpose of reef keeping.

Years of reef keeping expertise
After using a tool specially designed to fit the purpose of testing seawater it takes a team of very experienced aquarists to make this information applicable and offer solutions based on these results. TRITON is the only company able to fulfil these requirements.

Easiest and most successful way
Out of these solutions derives TRITON’s modern way of reef husbandry, a ground breaking evolution that has changed the face of our industry forever.

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